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Economic Development and Job Creation

Ed Hooper believes the best way to create more jobs is to reduce taxes and ensure Florida has the right economic environment for small businesses to flourish. As a State Representative, Ed has helped secure billions of dollars in tax relief for Florida’s working families. We need to keep Ed Hooper fighting for lower taxes and more jobs in Florida.

Affordable Insurance

Insurance companies have made billions of dollars in profit on the backs of consumers, asking for huge rate increases in health, auto, and property insurance. Florida must encourage competition in the marketplace. Ed Hooper has a proven record of keeping rates under control. He has fought for us to stop state-run Citizens Insurance from raising their rates and reducing their coverage on homes. We can count on Ed Hooper to continue to work tirelessly to keep insurance rates down as our State Senator.

Providing Quality Education for our Kids

During his tenure as our state representative, improving Florida’s public schools was one of Ed Hooper’s top priorities. He has been working to ensure our schools and teachers have the resources they need, while holding them accountable for results that are measured by a several components and not just a test!  We need to keep Ed Hooper fighting for our children in the Florida House.

Protecting Florida’s Natural Resources

Maintaining the quality of our beaches and water supply is vital to the health of Florida's economy. Ed Hooper will continue doing everything he can to maintain our State's unique natural resources.  As Florida grows and our population continues to climb, dealing with challenges to the environment will require state leadership, resources, and involvement.  Florida’s beaches and state parks are vital to our state’s economic engine and Ed Hooper will continue doing all he can to protect our state’s natural beauty by recognizing that protecting our environment is vital to the security and enjoyment of future generations of Floridians.

Keeping Crime in Check

As a former Firefighter and State Representative, Ed Hooper has a solid record of supporting the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect us from crime and be there for us in emergencies.  In fact, Ed’s support has earned awards and accolades from police, fire, and first responder organizations for his service. As our Senator, we can continue to count on Ed to safeguard our youth from drugs, protect our senior citizens from those who would prey on them, and make sure all first responders have the tools they need to do their job.

Improving Infrastructure

From committee to construction, Ed Hooper has been an intricate part of getting funds put together with the projects needed in our area.  Ed Hooper knows that strong infrastructure and roads are key to residential quality of life and economic prosperity. Road construction and upgrades as well as storm water management will be some of Ed's priorities. He is ready to roll up his sleeves and work with our county officials to address these issues and find solutions.

Eradicating the Scourge of Opioids

Ed Hooper will work with county officials, first responders, law enforcement, and the community to fight the opioid epidemic engulfing our State. Ed believes in severe penalties for those who peddle addiction and compassion for those affected.

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